Turn a casual get-together into a gala affair by following this simple tutorial to dress your stemware. Glitter and sugar is all it takes to take your cocktails from just fine to fantastic! Try this glitter and sugar-rimmed cocktail idea at your next get together.

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how to dress your stemware
  1. Combine ¼ cup silver sugar with ¼ tsp edible glitter and spread on medium-sized plate.
  2. Line up stemware then slice center of lemon and run along rim of each glass.
  3. Turn glass upside down and set in glitter/sugar combination; even out any bare patches by gently rolling on side.
  4. Turn right side up and let set for a few minutes before using
If serving champagne or sparkling wine, be sure to use a dry or brut variety or else the taste will be overly sugary-sweet.

glitter-sugar-rim-cherylstyle-B1A dress your stemware

glitter-sugar-rim-cherylstyle-B2A dress your stemware

glitter-sugar-rim-cherylstyle-B3A dress your stemware