Bring those wooden spoons of yours back to life with color…and rubber coating. Plastic-dipped wooden spoons are exactly what they imply! It literally takes minutes to dip them into a tinted solution.

You’ll find rubber coating at your local hardware store. It comes pre-mixed in basic colors or you can buy tints to make any color of the rainbow you want!

Once dipped, you won’t be able to lay the spoons down to dry or the paint will smudge. You can place them upside down into separate jars or glasses as long as handles don’t touch the rims.

The hardest part of this craft is waiting for the spoons to dry so you can use them!

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Plastic-dipped wooden spoons instructions

plastic-dipped wooden spoons instructions
  • wooden spoons
  • [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Plasti Dip”]plastic coating dip[/url]
  • tints (if mixing colors)
  • narrow jar for dipping
  • short containers for drying
  1. Clean wooden spoons with soap and water. While they are drying, cover your work surface with paper for protection.
  2. Before dipping the spoons into the plastic solution, decide which method you’re going to use to allow the paint to dry. They can be hung or placed upside down in short containers.
  3. Follow package instructions to add tint to rubber coating solution or use a pre-mixed coating. Pour into a narrow jar then dip one wooden spoon into the coating an inch or so at a time, allowing approximately 5 seconds between each dip. Allow excess paint to drip over the solution before hanging.
  4. Allow spoons to dry at least 30 minutes before applying a second coat.
  5. Allow final coat to dry at least 4 hours—or better yet, overnight—before using.
Plastic coating isn’t just decorative—it’s functional too! Use it for tools, housewares or to prevent items from scratching surfaces.