A scavenger hunt is always a great party activity. And the best part is, guests of all ages can get in on the fun.

Start by picking a place and divide your group into teams. Make sure at least one person in each group has a cell phone or camera to take photos for evidence.

Then, pick a prop. If you’re having a clown-themed birthday party, for example, a clown doll would be a cute prop to have in all the photos. Teddy bears, spoons and birthday party hats are other great prop ideas. Make sure the prop is in each photo for it to count!

Once you’ve got your groups and prop picked out, give everyone a list of what to find!

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for kids or hosting a weekend get-together, these five scavenger hunt ideas are a great place to get you started.

5 scavenger hunt ideas

1. around the house

  • One of the easiest places to host a scavenger hunt is around the house.
  • It’s a great activity for a birthday party or to keep the kids busy on the weekend.
  • Hide unique items like that souvenir from your last vacation or Dad’s favorite hat in unexpected places.

2. at the park

  • Head outside to your nearest park for an outdoor scavenging adventure.
  • Take photos by a water fountain, the bike racks, a slide or look for natural things like flowers and fallen leaves.

3. at the mall

  • If you’ve got an older group (or kids with parents along for supervision) the mall makes a great place for a scavenger hunt.
  • Since there are a variety of stores available, you can be creative with the list.
  • Find a funny hat, a red scarf, even a crazy shirt to include in the photos.
  • Remember, the prop should be in the photo!

4. around the neighborhood

  • A neighborhood scavenger hunt is a great way to discover new places around your city.
  • This scavenger hunt can be more open-ended, like seeking out a statue, a flag from another country or even a local ice cream shop.
  • The idea is to get everyone out and about!

5. on a camping trip

  • The great outdoors is the perfect setting for finding unique items.
  • Pinecones, a piece of bark, moss, pebbles and even wild flowers are all items you may be able to find on a camping trip.

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Don’t forget to award prizes for the best and most creative photos!