You’ve just returned from vacation, and want to capture those great moments but you’re too worn out to make a scrapbook. We’ve discovered a great alternative that’s simple to make and costs only pennies! Our DIY memory jars are modern day time capsules–a perfect way to record your trip!

Upcycle mason or pasta sauce jars, grab the hot glue gun, and call the kids for this quick and easy project. Let them select the items they wish to display in their jars. They’ll probably have difficulty making a choice so they may need your advice. Encourage them to use several jars. Remember, the jars are not large so less is more when it comes to appreciating their contents.

Once items have been selected, put in a bottom layer of sand, dirt, leaves, pebbles—whatever’s appropriate to convey the theme of that particular memory. It may require a little glue to keep in place. Continue each layer with a photo or special item, securing each with glue. Make sure to include a banner or tag to denote each event.

Don’t let the kids have all the fun. Create your own DIY memory jars to remind you of that fantastic road trip, wild river excursion, or the one that got away on that fishing trip. Make memory jars as future gifts then watch the reactions when opened. Everyone will enjoy that trip down memory lane.

DIY memory jars instructions
  • upcycled mason or pasta sauce jar
  • hot glue gun
  • collected memories and photos
  1. Wash and dry jar.
  2. Select filler for bottom of jar (sand, moss, dirt, leaves, fabric) and hot glue it to secure.
  3. Start layering memories in jar, hot glue to secure.
  4. Less is more so pick your favorite items or make 2 jars.
  5. Make banners with name, year and location.
  6. Screw on lid tightly, add exterior embellishments if desired.
  7. Decorate your shelves with memories.
Grandparents will especially love receiving a memory jar. Find an old photo of theirs and see what momentos you come up with for them!