Oily skin, heat, humidity and long hours can all be factors behind your smudgy raccoon eyes. Have you ever checked your makeup at the end of a night on the town to find that you have eyeliner smudged across your cheeks? If so, you’re a perfect candidate for our smudge prevention tools and tips.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow smudge-free eye makeup tipsSmudge-free eye makeup tips and tools

prep the canvas

The concept of using an eye shadow primer is nothing new, but the formula from Urban Decay is so good it will survive the apocalypse. Put a small dab on the eyelid and under the eye and blend well with a moist Beauty Blender sponge.

call for reinforcements

Prior to the eye shadow application, dust a generous amount of Johnson’s baby powder underneath your eyes with a fluffy brush. Regardless of the shade of your skin, don’t worry about the chalky white dust. It will blend in later. The layer of baby powder prevents the dust from your eye shadow from settling into your skin, creating dark shadows. Once you’ve completed applying eye shadow, use the same fluffy brush to dust off and blend the baby powder into the under-eye area.

Smudge Pot smudge-free eye makeup tips


There are plenty of eyeliners out there that claim to last all day, but in our cosmetic world experience, we’ve only found two formulas that are true to their word. Liquidlast Liner from Mac Cosmetics is a rich, black liquid eyeliner that combines long-lasting wear with a non-smudge, no-flake precision line. This formula is perfect for the upper lid and the water line, but beware—once it’s on your eyes, it’s not going anywhere for at least two days. The Smudge Pot in black from Stila Cosmetics is a gel eyeliner that’s great for creating the sultry, smoky eye and is more forgiving than the Mac Liquidlast Liner.

extreme mascara

Our cult favorite mascara is the Diorshow Iconic Extreme Waterproof Mascara in Extreme Black. This stuff never flakes, smudges or goes rogue—plus it will last in your makeup kit for at least six months before you need to buy a replacement.

Makeup Forever smudge-free eye makeup tips

makeup insurance

The most important part of your makeup routine is retaining your hard work. Microfinishing powder will render the color purity of your palette and leave your skin with a silky smooth finish. In addition, the powder will soften imperfections and absorb any oil that surfaces on your skin or in the creases of your eyelids throughout the day. Our favorites include the HD Microfinish Powder from Makeup For Ever and the Set Powder from Mac.

Cheryl Says

If you go heavy on the eye makeup, keep the lips neutral,. A soft peach gloss is easy to maintain and you won’t waste time fussing with touchups.

Photo and additional tips from the Daily Inquirer.