When was the last time you made a craft where mistakes were impossible to make? Success is easy with our splatter paint pots! They’re fun, easy and no artistic ability is required!

The key to this somewhat messy project is to protect your work surface and have everything ready to go before you reach for that paintbrush. You’ll be working with paint while it’s still wet so you’ll want to have your supplies at your fingertips.

Terracotta pots are inexpensive, come in a variety of sizes and are readily available. They’ll brighten up the front porch or windowsill with designs that are guaranteed to be unique each time.

How to make splatter paint pots

How to Make Splatter Paint Pots
  • newspaper
  • clay pots
  • primer spray paint
  • acrylic paint
  • paper cups
  • paintbrush for each color
  • spray bottle of water
  • plastic-lined bucket
  1. Protect your work surface with newspaper then spray clay pot with primer and allow it to dry.
  2. Pour acrylic paint into paper cups, one per color, add just a drop or two of water to thin the paint then stir to mix.
  3. Lay a pot on its side. Using one color, load a paintbrush up with plenty of paint. Flick paint onto the pot, turning the pot as you go. Repeat the process with other colors of paint, as desired.
  4. Once painted, set pot upright for just a few minutes. Hold the pot over your work surface or better yet, a plastic-lined bucket. Spritz water on it and allow the paint to run into the bucket. Be sure to rotate the pot in several directions to get an overall marbled effect.
  5. Allow it to dry then fill with your favorite plant.
Even though acrylic paint washes off easily, you may want to wear disposable gloves to save time and that manicure.