Livening up your home décor doesn’t have to mean an entire renovation.

These five simple ways to spruce up your home décor are easy enough to tackle over the weekend and budget-friendly, too. See for yourself!

spruce up your home décor

1. organize clutter

  • If you have bathroom clutter, use a small tray to organize all of your products together. It keeps things looking neat and easily accessible, too.
  • For the living room, a serving tray on a coffee or end table doubles as décor and a place for things like remotes and vases that are often lying around the house haphazardly.
  • Place a basket on an entryway table to catch your keys, mail and other miscellaneous paper trails.

2. accessorize

  • A few brightly colored pillows or even a new throw are great ways to add color and accent pieces throughout your home.
  • You’ll be surprised how a few simple changes can make the biggest impact.

3. paint

  • Painting is one of those fun weekend projects the whole family can get involved in!
  • Changing one wall with a fun, playful color can turn that gloom-room into a total oasis.

4. consider fabrics

  • Tired of that sofa or love seat? Instead of buying something new, consider upholstering it in a completely new fabric!
  • Dining room chairs, headboards and even your pillows are all items that can easily be updated with some fresh fabrics.

5. add some green

  • Live plants help to soften harsh spaces and add a fresh feel to any room.
  • Look for sales at home improvement or big box stores and be sure to read the label for advice on proper care.

Cheryl Says

Sometimes, the littlest things can make the biggest difference!