Don’t be so quick to toss out that soup cans, there are plenty of ways you can recycle, reuse and repurpose it!

We found ways to reuse soup cans (and coffee tins) and put them work in creative ways.

ways to reuse soup cans and coffee tins

1. use as a catchall

  • Once your soup can is washed thoroughly, use scrapbook paper, leftover wrapping paper or even craft fabric to decorate it. Just layer with decoupage glue to protect the paper surface.
  • Use your new container as a catchall to hold loose items like pencils, hair ribbons, barrettes or cotton balls.

2. create a kitchen tool

  • Soup cans and coffee tins happen to be perfectly round, which makes it the perfect thing to use as a biscuit, cookie or pie crust cutter!

3. make luminaries

  • Decorate your home with beautiful DIY luminaries. Simply reuse soup cans or coffee tins by spray painting your favorite color.
  • Punch holes in fun patterns for some creative lighting displays.

4. design interesting décor

  • Instead of spending money on vases, DIY your own home décor by repurposing your tin cans.
  • With a bit of spray paint, you can easily update the cans for a more glamorous look.
  • Update tin cans of varying sizes and group together on a coffee table or end table for a unique look.

5. tackle organization

  • Using four tin cans, punch a hole in the sides and then attach together with nuts and bolts. You’ll end up with a line for a four-compartment organizer, perfect for holding supplies like markers, paintbrushes, chalk and more.

6. plant herbs and spices

  • That old coffee can that needs to be put to good use also doubles as a great place to plant some herbs and spices and create your very own indoor garden. Grab some soil, your favorite herbs and enjoy this fun weekend project.

7. save for an outdoor soirée

  • Hosting a pool party or BBQ? Those old soup cans are a cute, rustic element to add to your décor and also double as utensil holders.
  • Cover them with paper to match your theme or event.

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Cheryl Says

Reuse soup cans (and coffee tins) to make for a fun weekend project even the kids can get involved in! It’s a great way to recycle and fun DIY.