Cleaning out the garage this summer? Dig out that leftover paint and upcycle a terra cotta pot to create a custom planter. You can personalize it with your family name or house numbers using our simple DIY personalized planter instructions. It’s sure to add some character to your entryway or yard.

Be sure to use exterior paint or spray paint—terra cotta is porous and acrylic paint will bubble when water is applied. Use two coats of paint. Plan to catch a few rays or thumb through a magazine while it dries. You’ll have a dynamic way to liven up your entryway and no one will have any trouble finding your house!

DIY personalized planter instructions

DIY personalized planter instructions
  • terra cotta pot
  • blue painter’s tape
  • exterior house paint or spray paint
  • foam paint brush
  • small point paint brush
  • letter stencil
  • stencil or stipple brush
  1. Wipe off pot with cloth to remove dust then apply a strip of tape around the pot about a quarter of the way up from the bottom.
  2. Paint the bottom section of the planter with your darker color, applying 2-3 coats total and allowing each coat to dry in between.
  3. When bottom of pot is completely dry, remove tape and apply new piece of tape lining it up with the straight line of the painted section. Paint top part of the pot, using a lighter color, applying 2-3 coats total and allowing each coat to dry in between.
  4. Remove painter’s tape and allow planter to dry for another 1-2 hours
  5. Place stencil between colors slightly overlapping bottom color. Firmly Hold stencil in place and use a stencil brush to paint first letter in the darker color used on bottom of pot. Let dry before moving to next letter
  6. Position stencil for next letter and paint and repeat for all letters. Freehand “the” using small point brush or use small stencils.
Remove painter’s tape at an angle so you don’t pull up the paint you just applied!

DIY personalized planter