Whether you’re jet setting to a foreign locale or have a beach getaway on the agenda, you’ll want to keep these five tips for packing light in mind.

5 tips for packing light

1. stick to one color scheme

  • When packing, choose clothing that goes with the same color bag and shoes.
  • If all your outfits go with black, for example, there’s no need to pack that cocktail dress that only matches brown-colored heels.
  • You’ll maximize your packing space and minimize your headache.

2. try packing cubes

  • Rummaging through your entire suitcase for your favorite sweater buried at the bottom just creates a giant mess. That’s why we absolutely love packing cubes. They make for blissfully easy, organized packing, and are a great way to easily find items in your luggage.
  • Packing cubes can be used for organizing home storage, too.

3. think in layers

  • Lightweight items save space. So instead of packing that bulky sweater, take the lighter one instead.
  • On cooler evenings, you can layer with a light jacket and scarf to keep warm.

4. pack transitional outfits

  • Instead of packing outfits for both daytime and evening wear, try to pick a few items that can easily go from day to night with a quick accessories swap.
  • That DVF wrap dress, which is perfect for sightseeing, will look just as darling for dinner with a pair of heels, a statement necklace and a swipe of fresh red lipstick.

5. bring travel-sized beauty products

  • Even if you plan on checking your bag, there’s no need to haul that Costco-sized bottle of Paul Mitchell across the country. Typically, the TSA-approved 3 fl oz standard is enough to survive for a week.
  • You can get transparent bottles to fill with your favorite products at a nearby drugstore.
  • Try a website like 3floz.com which specializes in travel-sized bath and beauty products.

Cheryl Says

If you travel often, keep a cosmetic bag with your favorite travel-sized beauty products already packed and ready to go. This grab-and-go solution will make packing for your next trip a total breeze!