A few weeks ago, I was introduced to George Brescia in NYC–a stylist to the stars and a celeb himself.

He showed up at my hotel wearing darling, sherbert colored shorts, a fitted white t-shirt and a sweater wrapped around his neck. He was Polo perfect. And just to keep this description going, his personality is as darling as his wardrobe. When he loves something he jumps up and squeals, “That is fierce, girl.  Fierce.” He is SO MUCH FUN!  I am thrilled that he is helping me spruce up my wardrobe.

We plan to harness George’s enthusiasm for fashion, his skilled eye and sensible taste with his style picks.

Also, I LOVE, LOVE that George will delight us with fashion-on-a-budget style tips and keep us in the know on all current trends. Yet, the best thing about all of this…he is super fun and super cute.  You are going to LOVE, LOVE HIM! Put your thinking caps on, girls!

What style questions do you have for Georgie??? Comment below. He’s dying to know!

Live the moment,