Don’t sweat it! See our four tips for safely storing holiday decorations and making the start to next year’s holiday season a little more stress free. Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to find a place to store all that glitter and tinsel.

Since you’ll be using your Christmas décor again next year, think ahead and neatly organize them now for easy access later.

Not sure where to start? Check out these four tips for storing holiday decorations.

4 holiday decorating storage ideas for Christmas trees, ornaments, gift wrap and lights

1. tree storage bag

  • Don’t dismantle your faux Christmas tree with the hopes of remembering how to assemble it again next year. Instead, use a Christmas tree storage bag or oversized duffle bag to keep it all in one piece.
  • These bags keep your tree safely protected from damage and dust and are simple to wheel right to the garage or attic storage.
  • Don’t forget about protecting your wreath, too. A wreath storage box will help keep it clean and intact.

2. use clear boxes

  • The best way to store your holiday décor is in clear plastic tubs with specific labels.
  • You’ll be able to easily find all of your holiday decorations, and it will keep you from buying duplicates of anything because you’ll see you already own it.

3. organize your ornaments

  • If you have a lot of ornaments, separate them into categories. One idea is to categorize by color or by type (kid-friendly or precious family heirlooms, for example).
  • Buy a dedicated ornament storage box for your most precious and irreplaceable decorations. Mark it ‘fragile’ and put it in a special place so the contents are kept safe.
  • A cardboard wine case or drinking glass packaging is a great storage solution for everyday ornaments.
  • Use a clear plastic tub to store plastic and kid-friendly decorations. That way, even your youngest kiddo can join in the fun of decorating the tree, without having to worry about dropping a delicate glass ornament.

4. store wrapping supplies

  • From ribbons and holiday cards to tape, gift boxes and wrapping paper, it’s best to store all of your gift-wrapping needs together. This way, you’re not scrambling for that double-sided tape and can pull out all of your holiday supplies when the season arrives.

Cheryl Says

For those pesky string lights, try wrapping around paper towel rolls or an old book to prevent tangling.