Picking the prettiest tree in the lot is just the beginning! Now comes the real fun–decorating.

Not sure where to start? Don’t fret! We’ve got Christmas tree decorating tips for you!

lighting and decorating a christmas tree

lighting tips

  • Use LED lighting for a more modern look and incandescent lighting for a traditional look.
  • Not sure how much coverage you need? Try this rule of thumb: 
For medium coverage, about 100 lights per linear foot should do the job. 
For heavy coverage, use 200 lights per linear foot.
  • Be sure to remove the lights from your tree before storing at the end of the holiday season. Storing them safely will help keep them from breaking.
  • Torn between white lights or colored? Hang both! Make sure to plug each into a different outlet and then you can easily switch your tree’s look.
  • When you start hanging lights, be sure to start at the top so your plug ends up at the bottom, next to the outlet.

decorating tips

  • If your tree is real, use a disposable Christmas bag to skirt around your tree stand, then cover with a pretty tree skirt. When it’s time for the tree to come down, just lift the bag up over the tree and pull outside.
  • Have all of your hooks on the ornaments before you begin.
  • If you have kids at home, hang your more fragile ornaments toward the top of the tree.
  • For the most glamorous of ornaments to truly stand out, hang them at eye-level.
  • Don’t use just one type of ornament. Mix textures by adding tinsel to the tree or garlands. And play with different shapes and sizes.
  • Look for untraditional ornaments to decorate your tree. Pretty faux holiday foliage are great to stick in a tree and stand out as interesting décor.
  • For a more unified look, pick a color scheme and stick to it.

Cheryl Says

In our family, we have a “kids’ tree” and “parents’ tree.” This way the kids can really have fun getting creative with their decorating!