Sun care products have come a long way since baby oil and iodine, and so has our attitude about the sun’s harmful rays. Today we’ll do anything not to look like sun-treated-leather as we age. If we only knew, right? And although we recommend staying completely out of the sun, it’s important to stay protected so take a minute to find out about our 5 favorite sunscreens.

innovativeskincare1. invisible protection

For those of you always on the go, innovative skincare’s eclipse spf 50 is the sunscreen for you. It is formulated for extended outdoor activities and daily use. The transparent zinc oxide will protect your nose without out all the show, and the lightweight cream has a rich blend of antioxidants and vitamin E to nurture your skin while protecting it. Best of all, you can opt for a tinted beige or brown to supplement your foundation and no matter the color- they are all water resistant so feel free to splash in the pool.

Shimmer Effect

2. glimmering sun goddess

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Lotion is the Elton John (Nicki Minaj for the younger folk) of our sunscreen collection.  While we’re proponents of the SPF 40, it also comes in SPF 8 and SPF 20. The potion smell is moderate, and we love the gold shimmer it leaves on our skin. Use as a daily lotion, mix with your sunless tanner (to help mask the smell), apply over body bronzer or use by the pool to mask cellulite and skin imperfections. We swear by this product, and keep several bottles on hand year-round.

Badger Sunscreen

3. natural beauty

For the Whole Foods loyalists, there are a wide variety of natural sunscreens that don’t contain chemicals and are certified organic. Our favorite is Badger SPF 35 Sport Sunscreen. Having used their products for years, we can attest to its friendliness toward sensitive skin and enjoy our ability to recognize all the ingredients. If you are putting product on your skin, then the ingredients are seeping through your pores. Since our skin is the body’s largest organ, careful consideration of all the ingredients that go into your sun goo is a good thing.

Talc-free Sunscreen

4. flawless fairy dust

For the gal on the go, Peter Thomas Roth makes a fabulous transparent SPF 45 mineral powder in a user-friendly brush applicator. Toss the tube in your purse for daily use or store in your daughter’s backpack for after school sports. The talc-free powder will leave a residue-free layer of sun protection on your face without mussing your makeup.


5. multitasking heavyweight

We love (love, love, love) Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35. It is the Mohammad Ali of our make-up kit.  The multitasking tinted cream formula moisturizes, primes, perfects and controls oil. This BB Cream makes skin glow and instantly re-texturizes to create a smooth canvas, especially when worn under foundation. While expensive, it’s worth every penny – friends will be asking if you Photoshopped your Facebook photos…