It’s a funny thing about dinner time-it happens every day! But what do you do when a summertime heat wave sends temperatures soaring and drives you out of your hot and sticky kitchen? Dinner must go on, so grab your apron, fire up the grill and get cooking outside! And because there are only so many times you can chow down on burgers and dogs, we’ve been working on some simple, nutritious, and just plain delicious summer grilling recipes sure to be winners with family and friends alike. Grab a frosty beverage and a spatula–it’s grilling time!

8 summer grilling recipes


1. Grilled romaine salad

Lettuce on the grill?

Yes, you read that right-the romaine lettuce in this tasty and unexpected salad recipe goes right on the grill for 1-2 minutes each side. The smoky flavor that results is the perfect complement to the sweet pomegranate seeds and tangy dressing we topped it with. Total yum!

cedar-plank-grilled-salmon-cherylstyle2. Cedar plank grilled salmon

Plank it up!

There is a reason salmon is quickly climbing the ranks to become an all-American classic-it’s hearty, healthy, and just plain delicious! We marinated ours in a little brown sugar, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice and cooked it on a cedar plank to keep it moist and add a smoky flavor.

3-grilling-spices-cherylstyle3. Three grill seasonings

A little spice is always nice

Why buy pricey store bought seasonings high in sodium when you can follow our recipes to make your own? Perfect for poultry, beef and seafood, the ingredients that you’ll need to make these three tasty grill seasonings are probably already in your kitchen. As an added bonus, you can use our printable labels to easily identify your jars.

4. Sweet potato black bean burgersweet-potato-black-bean-burger-video-everydaydishes_com-H

Meat free and mega tasty

Long gone are the days when eating vegetarian meant dinner was going to be boring and bland. Case in point, our flavorful sweet potato black bean burgers! Baked plain, or piled high on a bun with all the fixins’, these scrumptious burgers will make you wonder why you don’t go vegetarian more often.

Grilled pineapple dessert sundae recipe5.  Grilled pineapple with ice cream and gingersnaps

Grill up some dessert!

Caramelized pineapple hot off the grill topped with vanilla ice cream and crushed gingersnaps-the unexpected dessert that your guests will talk about for months! For an added twist, we sprinkled our pineapple with a little chili powder to bring out a smoky-sweet flavor. If you are feeling a little daring, you can even add some cayenne!

easy-sauteed-shrimp-cherylstyle6. Easy shrimp sauté

You fancy

Our easy sautéed shrimp recipe is either going to seriously impress your guests or make them think you ordered dinner from a fancy restaurant-it’s that good! Fixed in a flash in only 10 minutes, a variety of spices and parmesan cheese give the shrimp an extra special flavor. Rather than sautéing in a traditional pan, try wrapping your shrimp in foil and grilling it instead!

Grilled halibut with pesto sauce7. Grilled pesto halibut

Just for the halibut

Mild inexpensive, and crazy versatile, halibut is the perfect fish for grilling! We marinated ours in a white wine pesto sauce and served it on skewers for a super yummy appetizer that really wowed our guests. You can also serve it up as steaks for your main course, if you’d prefer. Just don’t forget to oil up your grill grate to prevent sticking!

Vera Cruz-style fish lettuce wraps recipe8. Fish tacos vera cruz

Mighty mahi

If your next gathering includes serving a meal outside, you’re in luck because our recipe for fish tacos vera cruz is a tasty treat just perfect for outdoor noshing. Healthy Mahi is seasoned with the perfect blend of spices, grilled and then wrapped in a warm tortillas topped with fresh pico de gallo. For a low-carb version, swap out tortillas for lettuce wraps instead!

Cheryl Najafi | CEO & Creative Catalyst | Everyday Dishes & DIY “To avoid contamination, don’t forget to use a clean plate or platter when taking food off the grill.” – Cheryl