Does anyone else feel like the Internet is almost too big to navigate sometimes? There you are, sitting at your computer, credit card in hand, searching for that perfect something, and there are just so many options!

We’ve saved you some time and gathered up Cheryl’s favorite websites for you to check out. From party and crafting supplies, to great gifts and fun sleepwear, these sites offer a little something for everyone.  

our favorite websites

1. Wildflower Linen

a little something extra. This site is a great source for renting amazing party linens, and trust us, they have everything you could need! They have unique chair covers, tablecloths, and more–and everything is super organized and broken down by color. This is the perfect go-to site for any extra special events on the horizon.

2. Grammarist

get wordy. Cheryl is an admitted “word nerd” and loves learning about the true meanings and history of words. This website is wonderful because it not only gives you the entomology of a word and how to correctly use it in a sentence, it also illustrates the nuances in meanings between two similar words like “then” and “than” or “that” and “which”.


hands-on fun – delivered!  If you have some creative kids in your life, you are going to love these crates filled with all the arts and craft supplies needed to make a fun, hands-on project. You can order one crate at a time, sign up for monthly deliveries, or send a crate as a wonderful gift!  They even have crates filled with themed party favor supplies to keep the kiddos entertained at their next birthday party!

4. Sleepy Jones

Sleeping in style. A brand-new endeavor by marketing guru, Andy Spade (yes, Kate’s husband and David’s brother). Sleepy Jones is a brilliant collection of underwear, sleepwear and down-to-earth comfy clothing. Inspired by living life comfortably, this is a new rock star brand that is certain to be the talk of the town (and in everyone’s top drawers) in no time at all. Click through and check them out!

5. Cream City Ribbon

your ribbon resource. The ribbon available at Cream City Ribbon is made of 100% natural cotton, produced in the USA and inexpensive. A crafter’s dream, you can order custom ribbons for whatever occasion you would like, and they have tons of colors and styles to choose from.

6. Olive and Cocoa

fabulous finds. While some of the unique items found on this site are expensive, there are some really great gift ideas too–and wait until you see the amazing packaging when it arrives! One of our favorite products is a set of 15″ tall birthday candles. Super fun!


go nuts! Not only do these nuts make yummy snacks, we absolutely love, love, LOVE the presentation if you order them as gifts. They are a healthy snacking alternative to chips and are perfect to send to kids at camp or college.

8. 3C4G

get a little girly. Cheryl’s girls are absolutely in love with this site! They go online and create greeting cards, stickers, stationary and more. 3C4G has a ton of cool stuff for camp and sleepovers, party favors, all things pink, and all things girl. It is a “tween” girl’s utopia.

 Cheryl Says

Taking the time to find a unique and useful gift really makes the recipient feel special.