Ok, I have to admit, I’ve got a bit of a problem.  On one hand, I am extremely disciplined with what I eat and try to avoid sugar.  But on the flip side, I LOVE, LOVE sweet and salty things together.  In fact, chocolate-covered almonds with sea salt is one of my all-time favorite things.

So here’s my dilemma: chocolate bars are everywhere and come in many varieties, but I cannot open one without eating the whole darn thing.  So I went in search of a sweet and salty box of chocolate bites.  However, I cannot find a box of sugar free, salted chocolate covered almonds anywhere!  I’ve scoured the web and I cannot find it.  Really?  I’m the first person in the world that wants this combination?!!

What’s a girl to do?  WELLLL, I got creative.  See’s Chocolates has a box of sugar free chocolate covered almonds.  And what I do is spritz the chocolates with water from a spray bottle to moisten the tops.  Then I sprinkle the chocolates with my yummy rock salt.  Voila!  In about 20 minutes they are dry, I have a perfect box of sugar free salted chocolate covered almonds!  But the yum doesn’t stop there…if you are a sweet-and-salty-aholic like I am, try adding rock salt to the top of fresh, baked chocolate chip cookies or brownies….delish!

Live the moment,


Disclaimer:  There’s just one caveat for eating sugar free products…Don’t eat more than three pieces at any given time if you don’t want your tummy to rebel against the sugar substitute!  You’ll thank me later!  Ha!