Better Than Rocks is a genius drainage solution that produces lush and healthy container gardens. They are easy to install and our planters, window boxes and flowerpots bloomed oh-so bright.

Better Than RocksThat’s because Better Than Rocks promotes better drainage, keeping soil in and excess water out, which makes for lighter pots and nourished plants. Plus, you’ll save money! Inserts are reusable year after year and you won’t need as much soil.

They fit containers of any size or shape and they’re eco-friendly, being made from 100 percent recycled plastic.

Here are some tips to get you started:

• Plan your color scheme: Books and magazines are our go-to for inspiration, but we’ve also curated some beautiful blooms on our Pinterest board! Consider light conditions and which kinds of plants work well together.
• Start with a healthy foundation: Use fresh potting soil that promotes good nutrient absorption and water management.
• Drain the soil: Waterlogged containers mean dead roots and sad plants. Better Than Rocks keeps soil where it belongs and promotes drainage.
• Give plants a “haircut”: Keep plants groomed as your containers bloom and grow. Pluck off dead blossoms and trim leggy growth to keep your plants healthy.

Better Than Rocks makes a great Mother’s Day gift! Use the code CHERYLS at checkout for $5 off any order of $50 or more.

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