DrawerDecor custom drawer organizer

When our chief whisk taker Bryan is bustling about the test kitchen, there’s nothing he complains about more than an unorganized drawer. Lucky for him (and mostly us) we got a DrawerDecor kit (a custom drawer organizer) to tame our unruly utensils and keep Bryan smiling!

Tame unruly kitchen utensils with custom drawer organizersThe secret weapons in every DrawerDecor kit are the Divitz. These babies can organize anything—even the ridiculous number of gadgets and gizmos we had banging around our drawers.

What in the world are Divitz, you ask? They grip to the DrawerDecor non-slip basemat and are used to lock your utensils into place. They come in short (for small utensils like an ice cream scoop), long (large utensils like rolling pins) and triangular (for oddly shaped tools like a nut cracker).

Tame unruly kitchen utensils with custom drawer organizersThe nifty basemat itself has a grid for easy measuring so you can cut and customize it to fit perfectly into your drawer. Position the Divitz wherever you like, and voila! You have a totally customized and organized drawer with everything in its place. How cool is that?

No longer are we ashamed and embarrassed by our messy drawers! Now when neighbors in our office complex are lured into our kitchen by the smell of our cooking, we happily let them grab their own utensils to dive in for a taste.

Tame unruly kitchen utensils with custom drawer organizersAnd since the DrawerDecor kit comes in super fun colors like orange and lime green, we got one that perfectly matches our green walls and orange refrigerator. We are CherylStyle after all!

So if you have resolved to have a more user-friendly kick-butt kitchen this year, hop on over to www.kmnhome.com and pick up a DrawerDecor kit of your own.

If customizable Divitz don’t sound like your thing, they also have a line of durable acrylic utensil holders and stackable organizers that will surely help.

Cheryl Says

Don’t stop in the kitchen! Use your custom drawer organizer in the bathroom, garage, craft room–anywhere in the house will do!

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