easy dieting with Meal Measure portion control!

Get a handle on how much you should eat with a Meal Measure portion control plateAs we welcome in the New Year, you may find yourself resolving to make smarter choices in your eating habits. Luckily that does not necessarily mean jumping to a steady diet of sprouts and other greens. Getting a handle on portion size is a much easier and less painful way to jump-start your diet without giving up your favorite foods!

Cue the Meal Measure portion control plate!

It was created by a working mom and former lunch room attendant who is passionate about using portion control for a healthier diet.

The concept is super simple! Meal Measure has four portion control cutouts – one for fruits, one for veggies, one for starches and one for protein. The line in the middle of each cutout indicates half a cup and the top indicates a full cup.

So, you place your Meal Measure plate on top of your dinner plate and fill each cutout according to your diet. When you remove the plate you’ll be left with a perfectly portioned meal every time and you won’t have to measure anything Get a handle on how much you should eat with a Meal Measure portion control plateout…or be tempted to cheat. Not that you would cheat, but some (okay, all) of the Everyday Dishes & DIY team have been known to cheat on diets, so we’re just being realistic.

We do have to warn you, however…years and years of outrageously large servings will probably leave your shocked stomach thinking the meager portion left on your plate by Meal Measure is going to cause you to starve. Not so! Just try to remember that as human beings, we are not required to eat our weight at every meal and that your body will be getting all the nutrition it requires. After all, we really don’t need that extra helping of au gratin potatoes—we just want it!

Results may vary of course, especially since we can’t help you dictate what you’re filling your Meal Measure plate with or how high, but if you’re serious about losing weight, this is an awesome tool to help you get started. Good luck!

Cheryl Says

We’ve gotten so used to gigantic portion sizes that it’s actually amazing how little food we really need to stay strong and healthy. | get a handle on how much you should eat with a Meal Measure portion control plate

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