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We’ve tested a lot of spray paint here in the Everyday Dishes & DIY office. Before we discovered SUGAR spray paint, we struggled to find a product that provided professional coverage without the smelly, intense vapors.

SUGAR is a healthier spray paint because there are no petroleum-based solvents. It’s a hybrid of water and alcohol that’s made from harvested sugar cane, which all translates to a lower toxicity than most aerosol paints.

Plus, the low-smell formula means we can spray paint our projects indoors in a well-ventilated area and not fume-out our coworkers! (But we always recommend wearing a mask when using spray paint.)

Even though it’s a safer alternative than other brands, SUGAR still leaves behind a high-quality matte finish. Colors are vibrant, coverage is perfect and the pigments are UV-resistant. So, you’ll get a lot of wear from SUGAR!

The can’s aerosol technology is designed to produce a soft pressure while you’re spraying. You have total control over the color application. With SUGAR, you get nothing but crisp, clean lines and colors.

Currently, SUGAR spray paint comes in many shades—from vanilla white to a bright yellow called ‘banana split’ and everything in between.

Eco-friendly SUGAR spray paint

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