Do you feel that? Just under the last fading rays of summer sun is the faint touch of fall. And you know what that means…FOOTBALL! And even if you don’t particularly care for the game, it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like tailgating.

So to celebrate the season start of NFL and college football, we’ve gathered together a list of tailgating must-haves that will surely help you enhance an already good thing.

We’ve found the perfect place to keep your beverage, an awesome game that requires a tad more skill than most, and a smarter way to chow down on all that great food—and that is just for starters! Put your game faces on people—it’s time to tailgate!

6 tailgating must-haves for guaranteed fun!

tailgating-must-haves-cherylstyle-cheryl-najafi1. Kan Jam

a gaming revolution. It’s pretty common to see games like corn hole and horseshoes being played at a tailgate party, but we’d like to introduce you to the latest craze—KanJam. Played with a flying disk and two easily assembled “Kans,” this crazy fun and competitive game can become super addicting. The object? Hit the “Kan” with the flying disk, have your partner “Jam” the flying disk into the top of the “Kan,” or slide the flying disk into the slot cut out in the front of the “Kan.” Sounds easy enough, right? You will totally be hooked at first “Jam”!


2. The Grand Canyon Table

heavy-duty portability. Tailgating is serious business, and you need serious equipment to do it right. The 10 pound Grand Canyon Table from Travel Chair can hold up to 225 pounds of tailgating necessities—grills, coolers, a flat screen TV for the pregame show—whatever you want. It has adjustable telescoping legs for all manner of terrain, but we particularly love how it can be rolled into a convenient carrying case for easy transport. A regular folding table for tailgating? Puh-lease. Get your game face on and be serious!


3. Beer Hats

when beer goes to your head. Part of the fun of tailgating is seeing all of the great ways people dress up for the game. Jerseys, face painting, and foam fingers are pretty common, but a new fashion trend is on the horizon—Beer Hats! We’ve been all through the website, and chances are pretty good that Beerhats.com has fashioned a case of your favorite brew into a well-made, ridiculously awesome hat. Complete your game day look with a cowboy style beer hat, a visor or even a top hat! Your jealous friends will definitely want to know where you got it!


4. Muddy Mary’s Mud

a muddy morning. A truly dedicated tailgater claims his parking space as early as possible, and sometimes we are talking about before breakfast. This same dedicated pro knows the best way to kick off the party is with a great Bloody Mary, and Muddy Mary’s Bloody Mary Mud sets you up to make just that! A mixture of all the spices and other ingredients essential to the perfect bloody, just mix your mud with tomato juice and vodka, poor over ice and savor this consistently delicious concoction. It is so good you’ll be looking for lots of other reasons to break out the Mud!

tailgating-must-haves-cherylstyle-cheryl-najafi5. The Holstar

no drink left behind. Remember when you had to set your drink down to go grab a plate of food at a tailgate party? Not anymore! Free up both hands and don’t lose your drink with the super cool and functional Holstar. You’ll look like you stepped out of a wild west shoot-out when you strap one of these babies on, and better yet, you’ll be the envy of all your beverage-in-hand-holding friends. Handmade and completely customizable, we are pretty sure the Holstar would make a tremendous gift too!

tailgating-must-haves-cherylstyle-cheryl-najafi6. Salba Chia Tortilla Chips

smarter snacking. Let’s face it—you’re going to get to your tailgate party and dive headlong into the myriad of yummy (yet nutritionally suspect) dips waiting for you. You can feel a lot better about your feeding frenzy by dipping with organic tortilla chips made by Salba Smart. Their nutritional secret weapon is baked right in—Salba chia. This mild-flavored whole grain is a nutritional powerhouse loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Try their unique and delicious salsas infused with Salba Chia too!

Cheryl Says

A good pre-tailgate plan will go a long way in making sure the day goes smoothly!

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