infuser #WaterBottles for delicious Hydration | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comOkay, so you’ve resolved to get healthy this year—good for you! The very first step you should take down your healthy new path is to commit to drinking more water. We have all heard that it will help us lose weight, get more energy, reduce headaches and yes, even clear up our skin!

With all of those benefits, you’d think drinking water would be a no-brainer, but it always seems to end up last on the preferred drink list. We get it. Water is plain and a little boring and it’s just way more tempting to reach for a soda or energy drink.

But water doesn’t have to be boring. It can’t be if we are expected to drink eight glasses a day and that is exactly what our staff has resolved to do. We flavor it with our favorite fruits, veggies and herbs to rival the taste of those expensive vitamin waters—without the chemicals and calories.

Infused water is easy to make, inexpensive and we found the perfect Infuser Water Bottle for taking it on the go, which is a necessity to get down the eight required cups! infuser #WaterBottles for delicious Hydration | Everyday Dishes & DIY.com

Infuser Water Bottles are super classy and durable! They’re simple to use, BPA free, leak proof and have a snap lock infuser basket that you can fill with any combination of fresh ingredients. Strawberries, cucumbers, basil, mint—whatever you want! Once in place, the natural flavors infuse with your water creating a taste that you’ll actually look forward to drinking. You can even create a metabolism boosting green tea infusion by adding your favorite tea bag!

Suddenly drinking more water won’t be such a chore and you’ll have a blast coming up with new flavor combos to share with your friends. So hop on over to InfuserWaterBottles.com and start the new year off right with a best selling infuser water bottle of your own!

Cheers to a New Year and a new healthy you!

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