shine bright with LED Christmas lights

Christmas Lights, Etc. is one of the largest online retailers of LED Christmas lights, trees, garland and outdoor decorations—color us impressed! We couldn’t be more excited to tell you how easy it is to navigate their website, find answers concerning all the hubbub about LED lights and learn about their thousands of products and how best to use them!

Don’t be shocked by the sticker price of LED lights because trust us—they’re well worth it! They can last up to 200,000 hours (ahem, prepare to pass them down to your grandchildren) vs. incandescent ones that last only 3,000. Plus, they’re plastic so they won’t break when you throw them in your plastic bins to store for next year.

for a season that’s merry & bright, deck the house with LED Christmas lights | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comThe best reason to invest in these sparkly, energy efficient gems—if one bulb should go out, the rest of the strand will stay on! No need to risk your life on the roof trying to figure out which bulb on the strand is bad. And they’re water-tight (great for those stormy nights)!

If you’re still on the fence about such an investment or simply want a more traditional look, Christmas Lights, Etc. still offers a vast array of high quality incandescent lighting in just about any color or style. Garland, walkway lights, chili pepper clusters, pink flamingos and of course, the always popular C7/C9, mini and net lights—you name it, they’ve got it!

for a season that’s merry & bright, deck the house with LED Christmas lights | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comMake a real statement by adding Moravian Stars to your landscape trees, porch or patio. Want a few reindeer roaming the property? How about silhouettes made from rope lighting? Seahorses for Florida or cacti for Arizona—no matter where you live, Christmas Lights, Etc. has just the right decoration to put you in the spirit.

Need something more delicate for your indoor décor? Mini LED White Lights are just the ticket to add that touch of elegance. Wrap garland on the mantle in a warm, soft glow or give your tree a more formal appearance.

led-christmas-lights-etc-cherylstyle-cheryl-najafi-aspen-fir-decorated-tightHave too many kids and pets to string tree lighting in an organized fashion? Buy a tree that already has lights on it. Christmas Trees featuring TruTip™ tips and branches come in several heights and varieties. Multiple color pigments have been injected into molded plastic to create color variations for a more lifelike appearance. Your friends and family will want to touch the tree to see if it’s real!

We’re all about saving (so we can buy more boots for ourselves presents for the kids), so it’s a real bonus that trees over $99 ship for free and are readily available for same day shipping, as with most orders from Christmas Lights, Etc.

Free shipping on purchases of $75 or more! Use coupon code CS2013 to get everything on your list before 12/24/13!  | Everyday Dishes & DIY.com

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