‘Wine-down’ on the go with portable premium wine from Zipz! | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comYou don’t have to hire a bartender to pour wine by the glass at your next big bash. With Zipz single-serve portable premium wine, you don’t have to pour the wine or do the dishes! Our friends at Zipz have a collection of premium wines that taste great—and they come in individual glasses that look identical to the real thing! Talk about taking the phrase ‘to-go cup’ to a whole new level!

‘Wine-down’ on the go with portable premium wine from Zipz! | Everyday Dishes & DIY.comFinally! Someone thought outside the boxed wine and made the ultimate all-in-one wine glass with the wine inside, just waiting to be sipped. All you have to do is remove the top, peel off the seal and enjoy! The cup is made from high quality food-grade PET plastic so it won’t break if someone gets a little tipsy and commits a party foul (like an elbow to a glass parked at the edge of a table). Completely recyclable, it makes cleanup a snap. Now that’s something we all can appreciate!

The design is sophisticated enough to impress even the most discerning guest. The Pinot Grigio is rich with tropical fruits, apples and pears while the Chardonnay finishes smooth with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla bean.

Looking for a tasty, dry reds? Merlot is the way to go—cherries, plums, toffee and caramel make up this delicious, medium-bodied libation. Their full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect accompaniment to a roaring fire and a juicy steak.

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