When you’re going all out for your next cocktail party, you need to know whether to pour a piña colada in a hurricane or cocktail glass. Or whether a mai tai goes in a lowball or highball.

Luckily, it doesn’t require hours of study to learn the differences between the number of cocktail glasses you have to choose from—our guide makes it crystal clear…

cocktail glasses to have on hand

glass-cocktail-glasses-cherylstyle1. cocktail

This conical-shaped glass makes most of us think of martinis—for a good reason. Martinis and other “neat” drinks without ice or a mixer are served in them.

highball-glass-cocktail-glasses-cherylstyle2. highball

This large tumbler can hold up to 12 ounces, a perfect size for mixed drinks with a high proportion of mixer to liquor. Think Highballs, Bloody Marys and other tall drinks.

old-fashioned-glass-cocktail-glasses-cherylstyle3. old-fashioned

Also known as a lowball or rocks glass, this squat tumbler holds between 5 and 10 ounces, just the right amount for Black and White Russians, Mai Tais and other “on the rocks” drinks.

champagne-flute-cocktail-glasses-cherylstyle4. Champagne flute

Its classic tall, thin and tapered look isn’t just pretty. The flute design holds champagne’s and champagne cocktails’ bubbles longer.

irish-coffee-glass-cocktail-glasses-cherylstyle5. Irish coffee mug

For the perfect mug shot, use this glass for Hot Buttered Rum, Hot Toddies and other hot drinks.

hurricane-glass-cocktail-glasses-cherylstyle6. hurricane

It makes you wonder if this glass got its pear-shaped curves from one too many frozen Piña Coladas, Coco Coladas and other blended and frozen drinks it holds.

margarita-glass-cocktail-glasses-cherylstyle7. margarita

The 60-ounce version probably inspired the song, “Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville.” To tame your Tequila, limit the glass size to around 12 ounces.

shot-glass-cocktail-glasses-cherylstyle8. shotglass

Perhaps the best-known bar glass, it’s easily recognized by its diminutive 1 ½ ounce size and thick glass, especially at the base.

Cheryl Says

 It’s easy to say the more the merrier but don’t feel deficient if you only have one or two stiles of glassware. Remember–it’s all about having a good time!