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We’re always hard at work on new creatives project here at Everyday Dishes & DIY – whether it’s customized gifts, homemade décor or crafty ways to keep the kids busy. One product line that we always have on hand is Tulip For Your Home.

We really love the fact that Tulip stencils and fabric colors are made specifically to work with home textiles like pillows, table linens, curtains and even canvas wall art. Their stencils and paints make it super easy to revamp your home on a budget.

You can create designer-worthy looks that are on trend without overspending; think colorful graphic throw pillows, chevron-printed cloth napkins and personalized paintings for nurseries, bedrooms and kitchens.

Besides being affordable, Tulip For Your Home saves you money on home décor because you’re able to refresh things you already own. Add a pop of color to drab couches, empty walls or dull collectibles.

All you need is a little bit of Tulip For Your Home paint, a stencil of your choice, and maybe a tool or two. Paints are true to color, easy to mix-and-match and machine washable, while the durable stencils are perfectly sized to use alone or to create a repeat pattern on larger areas.

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What’s old can be new again with just a little bit of inspiration!

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