We’re completely obsessed with small bites. Miniature portions help us manage our food consumption, yet allow us to splurge on decadent treats that scream, “Eat me,” from the buffet table.

Our friends at Raleigh Cake Pops are the mini-treat champions of the costume party with their Frankenstein themed cake pops.

Anne Flanagan, founder of Raleigh Cake Pops & Gourmet Treats, believes that cake pops are the perfect thrill for your sweet tooth. So do the masses, who are responsible for cake pops literally popping up everywhere!

With Raleigh Cake Pops, every order is unique. Flanagan’s cake pops can be dressed up in gold dust for a glamorous, decadent look or can be custom designed to match your special event. There are so many flavors and colors to choose from, and it is fun to mix and match for the group.

If you aren’t hosting the apple-bobbing extravaganza this year, order a batch of cake pops for the host. They are wonderfully festive, sinfully delicious and a great conversation starter.

Cheryl Says

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