Xyron Sticker Makers make crafting easy!

March is like Christmas here at Everyday Dishes & DIY…it’s National Craft Month and we’re celebrating by busting out our favorite DIY projects! We couldn’t get these fun to-dos done without the newest addition to our creative arsenal–the Xyron® 3″ Sticker Maker.

With Xyron’s 3″ Sticker Maker, you can apply edge-to-edge, acid-free permanent adhesive to objects as thick as a nickel and up to 3” wide. Besides do-it-yourself endeavors, use the tool for school projects, labeling and organization, or custom-made gifts and invitations. It’s easy and comfortable to use, plus it’s made from disposable and recyclable parts!

At Everyday Dishes & DIY we really put our Sticker Maker to work. We’re talking everything from personalized labels around the office to cute and clever stickers for the little ones, even stylish party favors. Any time we need to add a quick adhesive to a project, you can bet we’re reaching for this handy gadget.

Things are getting sticky over here! Get creative with sticker makers!Xyron is a longtime favorite of our team because they make paper crafts super easy with products that laminate, magnetize and adhere your creations with a polished look–like the Creative Station, an all-in-one system that laminates, magnetizes and labels your work. You can even add a paper trimmer! Like all of Xyron’s larger products, the station comes with refillable cartridges that switch out in a snap.

And as any master-crafter knows, a good DIY can get m-e-s-s-y; thankfully, Xyron’s collection of goods keeps your workspace neat, tidy and free of spray adhesives. That means we don’t have to go outside to finish our projects–something we really appreciate during the summer when temps in Phoenix reach the 100s!

Cheryl Says

Try putting ribbon through your sticker maker for a special added touch to gifts and scrapbooks!

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