Nothing gets the party started faster than sending a fun DIY Chinese New Year 3-D invitation in the mail.

So why not use takeout boxes and fortune cookies to set the tone and mood for a festive takeout affair?

You can create this DIY Chinese New Year party invitation for any event that requires an Asian flair!

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Chinese New Year party invitation instructions
  1. Search Google and select a Chinese character to print onto white adhesive label (we chose the symbol for “Love”). Trim to size and attach label to middle of yellow card stock. Trim yellow card stock to size and attach to takeout container.
  2. Print party details or special message on white paper and trim into a long, rectangular strip. Insert into both ends of a fortune cookie.
  3. Fill container with yellow crinkle paper then tuck the paper strip into both ends of fortune cookie and nestle it atop yellow crinkle paper.
The best part about hosting a takeout party is you get all the fun of seeing friends and family without having to spend all night in the kitchen!