A Father’s Day newspaper is the perfect way to make Dad feel special—it’s sweet, simple and full of love.

All you need to do is print out the template and give the kiddos their favorite pencils, crayons or markers. Let their imaginations take it from there!

Tape Dad’s Father’s Day newspaper to an actual paper and place it next to his morning coffee for a little surprise. Add it to a scrapbook or frame it for his office.

Are your kids too little to write just yet? Help them find the right words and they can do the rest.

Father’s Day newspaper instructions


Printable Father’s Day Newspaper Instructions
  • newspaper printable
  • pencils, crayons or markers
  1. Download the newspaper printable and open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Print one copy for each child.
  3. Provide kids with pencils, crayons and markers to fill in the blanks, draw pictures and check off boxes that best describe Dad.
Nothing is better than a homemade gift from a little one!

Father's Day newspaper printable