Personalize a Valentine’s Day gift for your creatively inclined offspring. Use a heart-shaped chocolate box to craft an artist candy box filled with paints for your novice artisan.

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artist candy box instructions
  • heart-shaped chocolate box
  • [url href=”″ target=”_blank” title=”Amazon artist gift set”]variety of paints[/url]
  • Valentine’s Day card or note
  • mini cupcake liners
  1. Remove all chocolates from the heart-shaped box and consume if desired. Be sure to leave the candy papers intact.
  2. Take paints from the paint kit and cut the plastic strip so paints can be individually placed.
  3. Place paints in the chocolate papers inside the box.
  4. Attach a Valentine’s Day card or note to the inside of the box lid and give to your little valentine!
Finish this gift off by tying it with some pretty ribbon and a couple of paintbrushes.