Valentine’s Day is of paramount significance to a youngster because it means candy and sweet notes from their besties. Help them craft a hot lips Valentine’s Day card box to collect all of their schoolroom greetings.

We guarantee your children will be the rock stars of the party, especially if they bring their own homemade Valentine’s Day cards too!

Hot lips Valentine’s Day card box instructions


DIY Valentine’s Day card box instructions
  • empty tissue boxes
  • craft foam sheets in assorted colors
  • assorted yarn and ribbon
  • googly eyes
  • glitter felt
  • craft paper
  • pipe cleaner
  • double-sided tape and/or hot glue gunvalentine's day card box
  1. Cut your craft foam sheets to fit the exposed sides of the tissue box(es). Make sure you cut a slit in one foam piece large enough to slide a Valentine into the box. Use a complementary color like red or pink foam to cut out the lip shapes. Depending on the age of your kids, you can do this in advance or trace the shapes for your children to cut out with safety scissors.
  2. Attach the foam siding and the lips to the tissue box with hot glue or tape. Be sure to match the slit foam piece to the slot in the box for Valentine cards.
  3. Attach the googly eyes where desired with hot glue or tape. Use ribbon to make wacky eyelashes and the glittery felt to make funky glasses. Glue into place.
  4. Use yarn to make hair for your Valentine’s Day box, or spiral pipe cleaners to make heart antennae.
This is the perfect craft to work on WITH your kids! And all it takes is an upcycled Kleenex box and some simple craft supplies.