Print your own New Years Eve party hats this year! Our printable and just a few supplies make it an easy craft for you or even the kids.

Card stock is sturdy yet bends easily into a cone shape for the hat. Decorate with Ric Rac, glitter or any other embellishments you have on hand. You’re ready to start the countdown!

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How to make New Years Eve party hats


New Years Eve Party Hats Instructions
  • New Year’s Eve party hats printable
  • card stock
  • scissors or precision knife
  • hole punch
  • hot glue gun or tape
  • narrow elastic or ribbon
  • pom poms, Ric Rac and glitter (optional)
  1. Download the New Years Eve 2016 party hats printable and open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Print where indicated and cut out with scissors or a precision knife.
  3. Hole punch where indicated.
  4. Bend paper into cone shape.
  5. Hot glue or tape where indicated.
  6. Thread elastic or ribbon through holes, secure with knot.
  7. Top with pom poms or line bottom with Ric Rac for extra flair.
If the kids are making these, have them use tape instead of hot glue to secure the cone in place. You don’t want any burned fingers!