Fun printables and card stock make New Year’s Eve photo booth props an easy craft. Simply print, cut out, attach to wooden skewers then grab your camera!

Capture the moment with eye-catching sunglasses, a top hat or tiara. We even gave them a sparkle effect so you wouldn’t have to deal with messy glitter.

New Year’s Eve photo booth props instructions

New Year’s Eve Photo Booth Props Instructions
  • New Year’s Eve photo booth props printables
  • card stock
  • scissors
  • wooden skewers
  • tape or glue
  • headbands
  1. Download the New Year’s Eve photo booth props printable (2016, sunglasses, top hat, crown).
  2. Print desired templates out onto card stock then cut out where indicated.
  3. Next, attach a wooden skewer to 1 side of each cutout, using glue or tape. You’ll need to use 2 skewers on each of the sunglasses—a short one that goes across the frame and a long one to hold.
  4. If you’re making the tiara, simply fold the tabs over a headband then glue or tape in place.
  5. Grab your camera or cell phone and pose!
Set your photo booth props next to the designated background with a few disposable cameras and have everyone take photos throughout the night. Then make an album to share with your friends!

New Year's Eve photo booth props