Want to know a little secret about why those magazine food spreads look so amazing? It’s because the table décor, from serving ware and napkin treatments to the towering centerpieces, are all designed to perfectly complement the great-looking food. So this Thanksgiving, why not turn fresh fall figs and late-season flowers into a stunning seasonal wildflower fig centerpiece?


wildflower fig centerpiece instructions
  • fresh flowers (we used Celosia & Safflower)
  • fresh figs, whole and halved
  • small circular glass vase
  • large square glass vase
  1. Start by arranging your flowers inside the smaller vase, and then stack some whole figs inside the vase to secure the flowers.
  2. Carefully tuck the small vase inside the larger vase (we set it in the back corner to make the final centerpiece pleasantly unsymmetrical).
  3. Fill around the smaller vase with both whole and half figs, backing away occasionally to check the look from a distance.


Thanksgiving Centerpieces Cheryl