Who says aprons are old-fashioned or boring? Not us! Sharpen your knife to create a fashion statement this fall with our DIY apple stamped apron. It’s easy to make and costs about $20.

Start by grabbing a few large apples, one for each color you’d like to use, and cut them in half vertically making sure to keep the stem attached. Remove loose seeds and enlarge seed holes to enhance details of the stamps. Place cut sides of the apples face down on paper towels to dry. This soaks up moisture, making fabric paint adhere to the apple stamp.

Apply paint, stamp the apron firmly, and gently lift up the apple stamp. Reapply paint and continue stamping until you have achieved the desired effect.

We left the pocket plain and sewed a ribbon along the pocket edges for extra detail. Get creative to make something that matches your style.

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apple stamped apron instructions
  • large round apple with stem
  • knife
  • [url href=”http://www.amazon.com/Chef-Works-APKDC-WHT-33-InchL-27-5-InchW/dp/B003KN21NI/ref=pd_sim_sbs_hi_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=1HHTDPPRNFRDBSW3CYKR” target=”_blank” title=”Canvas Apron”]canvas apron[/url]
  • fabric paint
  • foam brush
  • pan for each paint color
  • ribbon
  • needle and thread
  1. Wash and dry apple. Cut apple evenly in half top to bottom, keeping stem attached (hot glue stem to apple if it comes loose while cutting, make sure it’s flush with cut surface for stamping).
  2. Remove loose seeds.
  3. Cut seed holes slightly larger if you want more detail.
  4. Place apples cut side down on paper towel for 30 minutes to wick up moisture and help paint adhere.
  5. Lay apron on flat, hard surface (iron if needed).
  6. Pour paint into old pie pans or onto sheets of aluminum foil.
  7. Brush paint onto apple to completely cover; paint the stem too but avoid getting too much paint into seed holes.
  8. Place apple stamp on apron and firmly press with hands. Gently lift and remove.
  9. Continue alternating apples and colors by reapplying paint each time (change direction of apple for slightly different shape).
  10. Cover pocket with sheet of foil or paper towel to keep from stamping over.
  11. Add detail to pocket by sewing coordinating ribbon to bottom edge.
  12. Wash as needed following instructions on fabric paint bottle.
Apples make great stamps on just about anything canvas. Totes, dishtowels, place mats—the possibilities are endless!