Managing a feast for a crowd in a single kitchen can pose a serious issue for available counter space and oven real estate. Save time and space by making a deep fried turkey!

Roasting a traditional bird can take up to 20 minutes per pound. On the other hand, deep frying a turkey takes only three minutes per pound. Even the breast meat is juicy!

Send the men-folk to the garage to supervise the fowl so you can sip champagne and chaperone the cranberry sauce. This keeps the greasy mess outside and hungry fingers out of the stuffing until you’re ready to serve dinner.

A moist, deep fried turkey that's ready to enjoy on Thanksgiving.

Deep fried turkey recipe

Forget dried out turkey! These instructions for a deep fried turkey will guaranteed a moist turkey every time!


Yield: 15 servings
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  • Rinse turkey inside and out with cool water and pat dry with paper towels. Season liberally with salt and pepper (inside and out). Allow turkey to rest at room temperature while preparing oil.
  • Fill pot with peanut oil to appropriate level and position thermometer with probe in oil but not touching sides of pot. Heat oil to 365 degrees.
  • Carefully lower turkey into hot oil until fully submerged. Oil will drop in temperature after adding turkey so return oil to 350 degrees and maintain. Fry turkey 3 minutes per lb or until thickest part of thigh registers 165 degrees on meat thermometer.
  • Carefully remove from oil then allow to drain on rack or paper towels. Allow turkey to rest 10–15 minutes before carving. Then enjoy!


If you don’t want to reuse the oil, don’t put it down the drain! Check with your favorite restaurant to see if they will dispose of it for you.
Calories: 395kcal, Protein: 66g, Fat: 13g, Saturated Fat: 4g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 4g, Monounsaturated Fat: 4g, Cholesterol: 197mg, Sodium: 227mg, Potassium: 895mg
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Create a moist turkey every time with this deep fried turkey recipe