Hershey's chocolate bar baby shower invitation

Chocolate bar baby shower invitation


You’ve signed up to host the baby shower, now get creative with the baby shower invitation! The guests will know if they’re shopping for a “he” or a “she” with our chocolate bar invitations. These baby shower invitations only take a few simple steps to create, and there is plenty of room to include the details of who, what, where and when!

Chocolate bar baby shower invitation

DIY Chocolate Bar Baby Shower Invitation

what you'll need
  • baby girl or boy printable
  • craft paper
  • printer
  • precision knife
  • full size chocolate bar
  • tape
  • ribbon
  • ruler
let's do it
  1. Download the baby girl printable or baby boy printable and open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Fill in the party details then print on craft paper.
  3. Cut out invitation along dotted lines with a precision knife and score where indicated.
  4. Wrap invitation around chocolate bar.
  5. Secure with tape.
  6. Tie ribbon on right end of baby shower invitation.
Cheryl Says
Already have your invites? Use this printable to create party favors for yours guests!