Chocolate-covered carrot strawberries

Makes 6 pots (plus additional strawberries)

All it takes is four simple ingredients to whip up a dessert that’s not only fun to eat but also fun to make! Your kids will love playing in this dirt while making and eating our chocolate-covered carrot strawberries and mud pie pudding!

Chocolate-covered carrot strawberries recipe

recipe type: dessert
makes: Makes 6 pots (plus additional strawberries)
what you'll need
  • 12 medium strawberries
  • orange chocolate melting wafers
  • 4 small bags of chocolate sandwich cookies
  • 2 boxes sugar-free jello chocolate pudding mix
let's do it
  1. In food processor blend cookies into crumbs and set aside.
  2. Make pudding according to package instructions and set aside
  3. Place melting wafers in small metal bowl. Place water in small saucepan and bring to boil; lower water temperature to medium-high and set metal bowl with melting wafers on saucepan, making sure water is not touching bottom of bowl. Melt wafers while stirring constantly.
  4. Dip strawberries in melted chocolate, remove excess into bowl and transfer to a parchment-lined plate. Place in refrigerator until chocolate is set.
  5. Pour remaining melted chocolate in piping bag with narrow tip. Drizzle lines over strawberries to give your carrots some detail.
  6. Line pots with food-safe parchment paper (or insert small cup). Fill with alternating layers of cookie crumbs and chocolate pudding, ending with cookie crumbs on top.
  7. Add your chocolate-covered strawberry 'carrots' and enjoy!
Cheryl Says
Plan on sacrificing a few strawberries while you perfect your technique. You can always eat the rejects!

Chocolate covered carrot strawberries and pudding dessert