Choosing wine for a party shouldn’t be intimidating or expensive. Take a look at our 5 tips to help you select the perfect wine for your next gathering!

Choosing wine for a party

1. more is less

Most wine retailers offer an automatic discount when you buy in bulk, usually 10 to 20 percent off for a whole- or half-case.

2. fun in the sun

Look for wines grown from sunnier climates (Spain, Italy, Australia, or California) because they are generally bolder and ready-to-drink right away. Plus a warmer climate means more abundant grape harvests, which helps keep costs down.

3. bigger is better

The more specific the region, the higher the costs. So look for wines labeled as from larger regions such as California’s North Coast, or even wines from Napa, which is much larger than the tiny (and pricey) Napa Valley.

4. French falls flat

When it comes to bubbly, skip the traditional French Champagne and try some more affordable yet still crisply delicious varieties such as Spanish cava or Italian prosecco or even Oregon sparkling wines. But if you insist on serving French bubbly, try a sparkling wine from one of the lesser-known regions such as Vouvray.

5. pardon the interruption

When in doubt, ask for help at your local wine store. After all, it’s better to look clueless in front of a perfect stranger than your party guests.

Cheryl Najafi | CEO & Creative Catalyst | Everyday Dishes & DIY “Good party wines are generally younger, bolder and more fruit forward, which luckily enough are often the most affordable wines.” – Cheryl