When it comes to choosing the best kitchen mixer for your kitchen, it is important to put into consideration your preferences and needs before you can even start looking for one. Here are some factors that you should consider when buying a mixer.

Your Cooking Needs

You should take some time to think about what you are going to use the mixer for – both the quantity of the food and the recipe you are planning to make. If you are the one who makes bread to give out as gifts to your friends and family during the holiday season, or you like making cookies for parties in big batches, then you should choose a mixer that will make a lot of dough at a go.

A Mixer is More Than Just Baking

Stand mixers can be used for many different things apart from desserts and pastries. When it has the right attachments, you can use a mixer to make ravioli, pasta, tamales, meatballs, butter, and many other recipes that might have seemed complex. Start thinking about the things you plan on making, what you want to try out, and the quantities you are going to work with.

This will go a long way in helping you know the mixer that is going to work best for you, the size, and the attachments you need to get.

Price Range

If you decide to go with hand mixers, then you can expect to pay less than $100 (you even find hand mixers for about $20). If you are interested in getting a stand mixer, then expect anything between $200 and $700. There is also the option of commercial mixers that costs over $1,000, but you don’t have to get them if you are not planning on making large quantities of food (this means you will need to have a commercial oven to match).

For most people, models costing between $200-300 does the trick, but the more expensive options can be for you if you are;

  • Making lots of recipes involving a lot of mixing (bread makers)
  • Looking for a big mixing bowl that can make large quantities at once
  • Looking for a mixer that has different options on settings so you can use it for different types of recipes and food.

different types of kitchen mixers


If you are buying a hand mixer, then you need to look for something light and easy to hold when mixing. The more things you need to mix, the longer the time you are going to hold the hand mixer. This is usually a deal-breaker for some people.

If it is a stand mixer, then you will be doing the opposite. The heavier a mixer is, the sturdier it is when mixing. You need to choose one that is both good and sturdy because you don’t want it bouncing around on the kitchen counter. You also need to ensure you can handle the stand mixer.

If you plan on keeping the stand mixer on your kitchen counter, you have to think about the weight because it is a minor concern. If you plan on storing the mixer in a cabinet and get it out every time you want to use it, then you should choose a model that is not too heavy for you to lift. If you find yourself having a hard time getting the mixer out of the cabinet, then there is a good chance you will start using it less and less until it isn’t enough to justify the investment.

A mixer that is at least 20 pounds is good enough for the job while staying stable when using it. When you choose a lighter model, then there is a risk of movement around the counter, and you need to keep an eye on it when mixing. 

Speed Settings

There are different speeds when mixing, and the type of food you are making will determine the best speed. Both hand and stand mixers have different speed options – and they can be between 3 to 12-speed options.

You will notice that mixers usually have a “slow start” setting that makes it easier for you to add your ingredients without making a mess. A good mixer should have a fast setting that you will use when you make a meringue. Most bakers are okay with a mixer that has three different speeds, but if you want to be as precise as possible in your cooking, then investing in a mixer than has more speed setting options will be a good choice.

If you’re still wondering how to choose then take a look here – this is the best place to find out more. 


  • There are two things you need to consider when it comes to the size of the mixer;
  • The space you have in the kitchen
  • The amount of food you plan on making in the mixer

It is great when the two of them work in conjunction and you are not forced to sacrifice one for the other. 

There is a wide range of options when it comes to sizes, and the bigger the size, the higher the price. If you are going to bake for large groups and there is enough kitchen space, then you will find life easier using a large kitchen mixer. If you are going to use the mixer to cook for your small family, then a small to medium mixer should be enough.

how to choose the best mixer

Ease of Cleaning

Hand mixers are very easy to clean when compared to stand mixers. A stand mixer has different pieces that you have to clean. Some attachments can be washed using a dishwasher, but there are some you will need to clean by hand after you are done using it. You might also need to wash the bowl by hand, but this will depend on the mixer you have. After each use, take a wet cloth and rub the rest of the mixer so it can be always clean.

This is the type of maintenance you can expect when dealing with stand mixers, but some are a little harder than others. Go through the reviews of the mixers and see if you can see people complaining about cleaning the stand mixer.

Noise Level

There is no way you are going to avoid noise because all kitchen mixers produce noise. Rotatory hand mixers are not that bad when compared to other mixers. There is a difference in the noise produced by mixers, so you need to consider that. If you cannot stand noisy appliances, then go for a model that doesn’t produce that much noise.

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