We are firm believers that a good cupcake can turn an otherwise gloomy day into something special. Seriously! Any cares or worries you might have are temporarily put aside when a cupcake gets placed in your hand—especially if it’s one of our favorite cupcake recipes.

Have a hankering for cake and ice cream? You can have both if you make our super yummy ice cream filled cupcakes to satisfy your craving. Chocolate and peanut butter more your speed? What about fresh strawberries? Our peanut butter ‘hi-hat’ and fresh strawberry cupcakes will totally hit the spot.

All that separates you from a sweet injection of delicious joy is deciding which of these recipes you want to gobble up first!

5 favorite cupcake recipesIce cream-filled cupcakes

What goes better with cake than ice cream? Get the perfect combination of both in one bite with these delicious treats!

5 favorite cupcake recipes Peanut butter hi-hat cupcakes

Devils Food cake topped with peanut butter mousse icing dipped in chocolate glaze. Yes, you totally heard that right.

5 favorite cupcake recipesCookies n cream cupcakes

If you’re always opting for cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream, these light and fluffy cupcakes are going to have you smiling from ear to ear.

5 favorite cupcake recipesBlack forest cupcakes

Sinfully decadent and perfect for special occasions, our black forest cupcakes have all the flavor of a dense chocolate cake but none of the heaviness.

5 favorite cupcake recipesFresh strawberry cupcakes

Not only will you find finely chopped strawberries in the light and fluffy cake of these freshly baked delights, you’ll find them in the frosting too!