Hot glue, spray paint and step-by-step photos make egg carton flowers inexpensive and easy to do.

Use cardboard, not Styrofoam cartons. You’ll want to bend the tips of the ‘petals’ and Styrofoam will break off. Plan how many flowers to make—it takes two individual cups per flower, plus some carton scraps.

Try using a lighter variation of your chosen paint color for the tips of the flowers to give them added dimension.

How to make egg carton flowers

How to Make Egg Carton Flowers
  • cardboard egg carton (makes 6 flowers)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • spray paint
  • picture frame
  1. Remove top half of egg carton and set aside. To make 6 flowers, cut out 12 individual cups from the bottom half of the carton using scissors.
  2. Using one cup, make the outer petals by cutting a small slit in each of the cup’s four corners. Trim the tips to round them into petal shapes and gently bend the tips outward. Do the same for a second cup but trim the petals slightly smaller than those of the first cup and cut one of the slits all the way to the center of the bottom of the cup. Overlap the two ends to make the second cup smaller than the first, glue together then place this cup inside the larger one and adhere with glue.
  3. Make the bud by cutting a small scrap piece of cardboard from the top half of the egg carton. Roll it into a short cylinder and apply glue to one end to hold its shape. Apply a dab of glue and place it in the center of the flower, pressing firmly in place.
  4. Cut leaf shapes out of carton scraps.
  5. Spray paint flowers and leaves, arrange on frame then glue to secure.
You can hand paint the flowers but it takes much longer to do and we’re all about saving time!

DIY egg carton flowers

DIY egg carton flowers