Why buy flavored extract in the store when making it at home is so darn easy? Not only are these 5 homemade extract recipes stunning to look at—they’re a thoughtful, classy gift for anyone who loves baking as much as we do!

Five homemade extract recipes

Vanilla extract

Give French toast, oatmeal or even your morning coffee a boost using vanilla extract made in your very own kitchen. We used vodka in this recipe but you can also make it using brandy or rum—yum!
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Homemade mint extract

Mint extract

Whether you’ve had an overwhelming harvest of mint in your garden, or just looking to use up the store-bought pack of fresh mint in your fridge, this mint extract recipe is quick and easy! Use in baked goods or even put a few drops in your herbal tea to amp up the flavor.
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Easy-to-make homemade orange extract

Orange extract

Calling all orange lovers! Orange extract is used in anything from your favorite fudge recipe to poolside margaritas. It can be used in marinades for fish, pork and poultry or essential in your homemade Chinese orange chicken!
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Homemade lemon extract

Lemon extract

For lemon meringue, frostings and glazes—lemon extract is a must-have in any baker’s pantry. Flavor cheesecake, cookies and custards or even ad a splash in olive oil to make a light and fragrant salad dressing!
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Homemade almond extract

Almond extract

Almond extract is adored for it’s warm, nutty flavor and it’s great used in recipes for cookies, brownies and all kinds of dessert fillings. You can even add a few drops to your after-dinner coffee along with a shot of coffee-flavored liqueur!
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