The Super Bowl of holiday cooking is fast approaching, and we’ve spent the last several weeks toiling away in our test kitchen working on some easy Thanksgiving recipe ideas sure to make your holiday spread both simple to make and amazingly delicious.

Side dishes? Got ‘em! Rolls? Yes sir! Turkey? You bet—it’s deep fried! Top it all off with our sinful pecan pie tart and your guests are going to wish they had worn an elastic waistband. We totally think you should take their bloated discomfort as a compliment, by the way…!

We are so thankful for the love and support we get from our incredible fans every day! We love making things to share with you! Our greatest goal is for you to succeed and show your family how much you love them through great recipes! And of course we want you to be able to totally impress everyone with amazing meals!

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Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Simple and delicious Thanksgiving recipe ideas

gluten-free cornbread stuffing with mushrooms & bacon | Everyday Dishes &

1. Gluten-free cornbread stuffing with mushrooms & bacon

gluten-free and fabulous

In our opinion, stuffing is one of the things that makes Thanksgiving, well, Thanksgiving. So if you have a gluten allergy, not being able to partake is a major holiday bummer. Problem solved with our gluten-free cornbread stuffing—the savory deliciousness of its traditional counterpart, but without the allergens. Oh, and we added bacon because you so deserve it!

thanksgiving printable place cards & napkin treatment | Everyday Dishes

2. Thanksgiving printable place cards & napkin treatment

expression of thanks

Thanksgiving is a natural time to reflect upon a years’ worth of blessings, so we thought it would be fun to start a new tradition and have friends and family write down what they are thankful for this year on our free printable Thanksgiving place cards. Once everyone has shared their sentiment, you can save the cards to reminisce next year!

pecan pie tart | Everyday Dishes &

3. Pecan pie tart

the perfect pastry

Cheryl’s momma really knows her way around the kitchen—especially on Thanksgiving! We took her already unbelievable pecan pie recipe and gave it a fun twist by making it into a tart instead of a pie. Your guests are going to be hard pressed to pass up a slice of this little piece of heaven!

deep fried turkey | Everyday Dishes &

4. Deep fried turkey

fried to perfection

Oven space is at a premium on Thanksgiving, so free up an entire rack by having your other half deep fry your turkey outside instead! Yes, you read that right—deep fry it, baby! You’ll be amazed at how quickly your bird will be done and just how tender and juicy the meat will be. Don’t be surprised if you decide traditional roasting is for the birds!

clover shaped yeast dinner rolls | Everyday Dishes &

5. Clover shaped yeast dinner rolls

rockin’ rolls!

If “Please pass the rolls” is a common phrase heard at your holiday table, be prepared to hear a whole lot more of it when you take the time to make our amazing yeast rolls. Just as good as anything fresh from a bakery, these rolls are perfect with a pat of butter or for sopping up some homemade gravy.

mashed sweet potato casserole with pecan topping | Everyday Dishes &

6. Mashed sweet potato casserole with pecan topping

these potatoes are SWEET!

It’s a known fact that you can’t have Thanksgiving without sweet potatoes! We jazzed ours up a bit by making a casserole with a crunchy pecan topping. The recipe calls for butter and whole milk, but you can totally skinny it up by substituting margarine and 1% milk instead.

low-carb cauliflower mash | Everyday Dishes &

7. Low-carb cauliflower mash

no potatoes? no problem

Your average Thanksgiving feast is a veritable carb bonanza. Rolls, stuffing, potatoes, pie—carbs everywhere! We made a controversial decision to lose the mashed potatoes and go with a yummy cauliflower mash instead. This creamy low-carb substitution tastes so good you won’t miss those potatoes!