Those who are lucky enough to be healthy know how important proteins are for their health. If you want to be strong and healthy, you need to take in enough proteins. 

Did you know that the recommended daily intake (RDI) for protein is 50 grams per day? A high protein intake can significantly improve your health. 

It can help with weight loss, with that feeling of lightfoot, it can even increase muscle mass and improve your overall health. Here is how you can boost your health, by simply increasing your protein intake.

But First… Yogurt

Great Tips On How To Increase Your Protein Intake

When it comes to having a good diet you should think about proteins first, In fact, you should eat your protein first. 

Could there be a better way to get enough protein than having an early morning meal with yogurt? 

Yogurt is beneficial for your overall health and as such it offers your body many nutritional values – if you want maximum protein intake try greek yogurt – because this delicious Meditterian food is protein-rich, and it helps you feel fuller for longer. 

Plus, Greek yogurt is a really great addition to your diet if you are working on losing weight. 

Cheese Snack

Cheese Snack protein

Snacks are a great way to get that extra protein. Your body will thank you when you pump protein that can keep you fuller longer and support your overall well-being. 

Popularly used snacks are usually low in protein, such as chips or crackers. Did you know that famous and so much loved tortilla chips have only two grams of protein? 

This is basically nothing, considering how much tortilla chips you can probably eat, let alone with extra dip, sauce, and so on. On the other hand, cheddar cheese contains up to 7 grams of protein, which makes it a much healthier option. 

Focus On Eggs

How To Increase Your Protein Intake

The practice has shown that breakfast foods are low in protein. This isn’t something common for the States but is something common for the entire world. 

You may have adorable toasts with cheese and jam and believe that it’s enough to intake enough protein. However, this isn’t true.

If you really want to increase protein intake you should focus on serving eggs for breakfast. Did you know that by eating three eggs you are getting exactly 19 grams of high-quality protein?

Next to protein, you are also getting selenium and choline. Plus, eggs for breakfast can reduce appetite and keep you full for hours. Eventually, by eating eggs you will gain fewer calories. 

Other Ways To Increase Your Protein Intake

Ways To Increase Your Protein Intake

  • Use almonds
  • Add protein-rich foods to your salad, such as tuna, salmon, and cheese
  • Eat peanut butter and fruit
  • Feel free to eat cottage cheese
  • Avoid junk food
  • Eat soup
  • Add humus to yoru sandwich 
  • Add tahini to salad dressing
  • Use olive oil for salad and dressings

Last but not least, you should think about tracking your protein consumption for just one day. This simple method will enable you to see what you see, how much, and when.

During this testing do not focus on calories, but focus only on the grams of protein. Then, do your research and see how much protein you need based on your age, sex, weight, and activity level.