Are you seeking ideas for kitchen renovation? Perhaps some small updates to make it look more appealing and increase its functionality. Certain small changes can go a long way and improve your cooking area significantly.

The kitchen is the busiest area in your house whether you live on your own or with your family. From drinking a glass of water on a hot day to cooking up feasts in your humble abode, the kitchen is the most important space. It is the heart of your home.

Here are some innovative tips for kitchen renovation and keep up with the design trends in 2021.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Appliances are an essential part of your daily life and make your life easier. Old appliances tend to cause more problems and can burn a hole in your pockets as most of them consume a lot of electricity. They also have compromised efficiency and hamper your productivity.

Besides being a hassle, it is also hazardous if the appliances in your kitchen do not operate properly. Hence, it is crucial to get new gadgets that will not burn your house down.

Throw out that blender you destroyed in your juice fast days and get a new one. Get rid of that ancient grimy relic you call a stove and get one with a functional top. The best electric stovetop should be easy to clean, energy-efficient, and sleek looking.

Update Your Kitchen Backsplash

One of the simplest and affordable ways to transform the appearance of your kitchen is by changing your backsplash. From the scary splatter of hot oil to being covered in food gunk, the backsplash goes through a great deal of wear and tear. 

Before you set your makeover plans in motion, consider a few important factors. You need to consider your budget and the time you can spend on your kitchen renovation. If you have limited time and budget, simply clean the backsplash and add a coat of paint.

Painting the backsplash yourself gives you more control over how the outlook will turn out. You can print out stencils and use them to add more details to the panel.

kitchen design trends of 2021

A trip to the local dollar and crafts store can also be worth it for ambitious DIY projects like this. You can make an attempt to adorn the backsplash with narrow geometric patterns as it is being raved about in current times.

If you have the money and do not mind splurging, you can hire an expert and get it installed professionally. The ideal backsplash materials are ceramic and glass.

Both of these provide a surface that is easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. They are also gaining popularity in recent interior designs.

Invest in the Floors

Changing the flooring can drastically change the whole appearance of your kitchen. It also has the power to make your cooking area look spacious and well-lit.

Replacing or updating your cooking area’s floor is expensive and lengthy. However, the investment will be worth it as it will definitely revitalize the entire room. In the year 2021, wooden aesthetics are making a comeback.

When it comes to the perfect flooring material, hardwood comes first to anyone’s mind. It is a timeless classic and lasts long. Moreover, there is a versatile range of hardwood options. You can install the suitable ones according to your preferences.

Hardwood floorings are available as pure, thin wood sheets over layers made of other materials. Pure and solid hardwood is fully natural as it is cut from a single timber.

It can withstand shifts in temperature and humidity levels. Engineered floorings are developed to fend off the floor from moving during the expansion and contraction phases.

Most people prefer oak and walnut as they are long-lasting and look elegant. They are also available at affordable prices. There are also other commendable and reasonably-priced options, such as maple, ash, and hickory.

Ash is suitable for those who want a light-colored wooden floor. Hickory hardwood floors are perfect for people who live in a house with many individuals or anticipate frequent traffic in the kitchen.

Update Your Kitchen Backsplash

Pantries and Cabinets

Pantries and cabinets have always been vital in the kitchen. Currently, the demand for such staples has been increasing. It has always been a must-have for centuries, and it is still an integral component of the modern home.

The minimal and organized outlook is sought after in today’s kitchens. Such desired look and effect can be easily achieved by pantry cupboards. The storage capacity of the cabinets clears up the clutter and makes the place look more spacious.

It also makes cooking easier and more comfortable. Practicing the culinary arts at home is made more fun with every utensil and spice in place. The clever ways of storing things in units are always in fashion, regardless of the year and century.

From duo dressers to the towering corner larders, storage meets both the practical and decorating needs. The necessity of smart kitchen storage units is more prevalent in kitchenettes. It is vital to efficiently utilize every space available in a small kitchen, making it an important renovation area.

When you are choosing a cabinet or larder, you can go for walnut cabinetry. Its texture and rich color give off a luxurious yet homely vibe. Alternatively, you can go for minimal handleless cabinets for a more streamlined and avant-garde impression.

Cupboards made of melamine-coated particle boards are usually of poor quality and short-lived. On the other hand, cabinets with longer shelf life are made of veneered plywood or hardwood framework. They are costly but of high quality.

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Let There be Light

Brighten up your cooking space by being creative with the lighting. Before purchasing the light fixtures, decide what look you are aiming for within your budget.

You can browse through various websites like Pinterest for inspiration. You can also physically browse through your local light store or online shops to generate any ideas. There are countless innovative ways to illuminate your kitchen and elevate the whole ambiance.

Mix and match various lights in different areas of the kitchen to complete the desired look. To achieve a modern appearance at reasonable costs, you can install LED ceiling lights. Moreover, they result in lower electricity bills. You can also install statement light fixtures like pendant lights. For a homely yet exquisite interior, you can opt for Turkish lamps.

For optimum natural lighting, opt for wider windows with removable or collapsible screens. If your kitchen is dark, it is recommended to opt for brighter colors like white and amber to let the light reflect all around the kitchen and make it look roomy.

Play with Colors and Contrast

The easiest choice would be going with your favorite color when choosing colors. This is your home; you will be the one practicing the art of cooking in your kitchen. This is YOUR comfort zone. Add colors to the kitchen that bring you joy and solace. This can be one of the most fun parts of a kitchen renovation.

If you are still confused about which color theme to go for or what the colors the wall should be, opt for the classic combinations. Opting for the classic white makes the kitchen look clean and crisp when you have wooden cabinets. 

Alternatively, you can experiment with bold color contrasts. How about a funky look? Suppose each wall has its own color. One wall can be painted powder blue while another is painted baby pink, and the remaining wall is colored pale mustard yellow.

When you are browsing through wall paints, you also need to consider the texture. You can aim for the ones that give a glossy finish that makes it easier to clean the surface. Or you can go for the ones that have rough textures, exhibiting vintage, and rustic vibes. 

Creative with Countertops kitchen remodels

Be Creative with Countertops

Changing the countertops will significantly transform the appeal of the kitchen. For a contemporary finish, you can give granite countertops a try. The matte surface of the granite adds a neoteric bold touch.

Moreover, this material has longer durability than the other options. The stone ties the whole minimal look together and makes it look tasteful. You can go for another timeless option that perfectly embodies sheer elegance, marble countertops.

It is one of the most magnificent natural stones on the globe. The sophisticated finish of this stone takes the aesthetics of your culinary shrine to a whole new level.

However, there are some concerns regarding the staining. To minimize the effects of staining, you can add a clear protectant layer. You also need to be diligent in the use of coasters when working on the surface of the natural stone.

If you do not intend to splurge on your countertop, you can simply get laminate ones that match the theme of your kitchen.

Fun with the New Kitchen

Whether you are aiming for a cottage core vibe or an ultra-modern super sleek kitchen, do not be afraid to play with different themes during your renovation. Have fun creating culinary masterpieces in your brand new kitchen.