Finding just the right card for Mother’s Day can become a task that takes lots of time and a good chunk of change. Save yourself the hassle and get exactly what you want by making Mom an accordion card!

No skills are required—unless you consider sizing photos to fit your envelope or box a skill. A few clicks on your printer’s print settings will make the adjustments, if they’re even necessary. You’ll have more trouble choosing which photos to use!

Speaking of photos, you’ll want to print them out, along with our printable sentiments, on card stock. That’ll make them sturdier for the workout they’re going to get. After all, your Mom will be proudly showing off her thoughtful card to everyone she knows.

How to make an accordion card


Accordion Card Instructions
  • accordion card printable
  • envelope or small box
  • card stock
  • photos
  • scissors or precision knife
  • tape
  • ribbon
  • scrapbook paper and decoupage glue (optional)
  1. Download the accordion card printable and open it in Adobe Reader. If necessary, use the ‘scale’ setting on your printer to adjust the size to fit inside the envelope or box you’ve chosen to use.
  2. Print on card stock and cut out. Select photos, size them accordingly then print and cut them out. Arrange in the desired order, placing an inspirational sentiment in between.
  3. To attach the photos and sentiments together accordion-style, flip them over one by one and tape the bottom edge of the first photo to the top edge of the sentiment. Repeat until all photos and sayings hang together.
  4. Allow photos to fold back together, make a loop out of ribbon, and tape it to the back of the first photo near the top to easily pull photos out for display.
  5. Place your completed card inside an envelope or box. If desired, decorate the lid of the box using scrapbook paper, a bow, or other embellishments.
If you use actual photographs instead of digital ones, adhere them to card stock using decoupage glue or adhesive spray.

Accordion card printable