When it comes to hair accessories, there can never be enough! Ribbons and barrettes are plentiful for sure—so why not choose something really different yet stylish, like a zipper headband?

Zippers? Why not? They’re super inexpensive, come in lots of colors and you can easily make this a fun craft you and your favorite fashionista can do together.

Don’t worry about short attention spans. It takes less than 30 minutes to make one headband so this craft idea is perfect for the kids as well!

How to make a zipper headband

How to Make a Zipper Headband
  • 3 zippers, each 8″ long
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • headband
  1. Unzip zippers and use scissors to cut off sliders. Separate each zipper then cut two pieces 5.5″ long, two pieces 4.5″ long and two pieces 3.5″ long. Cut another piece 2.0″ long then set it aside.
  2. Starting with the longest pieces, make loops, apply hot glue to join the ends together then hold firmly to adhere. (See process shots.) Repeat for the 4 remaining pieces.
  3. Starting with the longest loops on the bottom and ending with the shortest loops on top, layer and glue them in place to form a bow.
  4. Glue the bow onto a headband, wrap the 2.0″ piece around the center to form the “knot” and glue in place. Your zipper headband is ready to wear!
If you do have a little helper working with you, consider switching to a glue gun that’s low temp so little fingers don’t get burned.

Zipper headband